Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yet Another Movie Sequel: Sherlock Holmes 2

Yes please.

Well, as long as we’re talking about movie sequels, the movie sequel news of the week is, of course, Sherlock Holmes 2. Besides Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, who made the first movie extremely good-looking, there are a host of other actors getting tacked on to the project, suggesting that this could be the go-to Christmas movie blockbuster of Aught-Eleven (I guess it’s not really aught-anything, but it sounds nice), with the release date set as December 16, 2011. And of course, Robert Downey Jr. is always fun to look at.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Actor Profile: David Tennant

Personal Life
Tennant was born on April 18, 1971 in some area of Scotland. Actually, he was born David McDonald, but decided to choose “Tennant” instead (Brandon as a surname was his first choice. Just a small nugget of information.) Since the age of 3, he decided he wanted to be an actor. A natural thespian, Tennant performs on both the stage and the big (and smaller) screen, as he is an accomplished television star and an up-and-coming big screen actor. These skills were acquired when he studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He is unmarried, but is currently dating Georgia Moffett (who played Tennant’s character’s daughter in Doctor Who. Kinda creepy...). Tennant also has two siblings, a brother, Blair, and a sister, Karen. 

Upcoming Film: The Hobbit

Rockin'? I think yes.

Peter Jackson’s movie adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy epic, The Lord of the Rings, is one of the biggest successes in the history of film, both commercially and critically. His three-part masterpiece, including the Best Picture-winning Return of the King, will live forever as possibly the greatest movie trilogy of all time. At the very least, it will forever retain that spot in the hearts of nerds like me. Keeping that in mind, it seems hard to believe that a movie version of The Hobbit, Tolkien’s prequel (well, okay. It’s not actually a prequel) to The Lord of the Rings, would be difficult to get off the ground. And yet, that’s just what’s happening.