Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 Critics' Choice Award Winners

Wow. It's been a busy day with the Oscar nominations earlier today and the 19th Critics' Choice Awards at night, but we've got you covered.

The Oscar favorites in 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, American Hustle, and the actors of Dallas Buyers Club continue to gain momentum going forward. Leo also scoops up a Best Actor in a Comedy which further muddies the Best Actor in a Leading Role category for the Academy Awards. 

Here's the full list of winners via IndieWire (winners in Bold):

Knee-Jerk 2014 Oscar Predictions

Probably 12 Years a Slave. Probably.
As I'm writing a more in-depth look at each of the six major categories, I thought it'd be a fun idea to give incredibly premature predictions for each nominated group. These predictions will inevitably change as the March 2 ceremony gets closer, but I couldn't resist throwing my hat into the prediction ring. I'll give a quick explanation of my picks, but again, I'll have a more "official" final prediction closer to the actual Academy Award show.


Who Should Win: 12 Years a Slave
Who Will Win: 12 Years a Slave

Such a powerful film. No doubt it faces stiff competition from American Hustle and Gravity, but 12 Years is a safe pick for now.


Who Should Win: David O. Russell
Who Will Win: Steve McQueen

I'd be very surprised if the Best Picture and Best Director weren't tied together this year, unlike last year with that Argo fiasco (still mad about the Affleck snub). If the decision is split, Russell would be most likely to win, but I'm really hoping that Spike Jonze gets a write-in win, 'cause that's totally a thing (it's not).

2014 Oscar Nominations

Ho hum. No real big surprises here.

American Hustle and Gravity lead the talented group with 10 nominations, followed closely by 12 Years a Slave's 9 Oscar nods. Philomena is the biggest surprise nomination with its Best Picture nod. This year the category boasts 9 amazing films, yet none of them are the Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis.

It seems the Golden Globes had a bit of an impact here, with Dallas Buyers Club grabbing nominations for Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, and a Best Picture spot. Since the Oscars are not separated into Drama and Comedy categories as the Globes are, Globe winners in the Best Actor (McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio) and Best Actress (Cate Blanchett and Amy Adams) enter an incredibly talented pool of actors and actresses. Yes, Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson were both snubbed for Captain Phillips and Saving Mr. Banks respectively, as was Robert Redford (All is Lost), but it's nice to see Sally Hawkins for Blue Jasmine make the cut, as I am still upset she was snubbed in '08 for Happy-Go-Lucky.

I totally didn't just mention ScarJo
to post a pic of her. 
Side note: Meryl Streep gets a nomination (shocker). It is her 18th of her career.
Second side note: Scarlett Johansson does not receive a nomination for playing Siri Samantha, a voice-only role, despite the clamoring for her to be included. Personally, I would have loved for her to have been nominated, as it would have been a big step for non-physical/voice-only roles to be included in the Oscars.

The Directors Guild of America also closely mirrors the Best Director nominations with the exception of Alexander Payne (Nebraska) being nominated in place of DGA nominated Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips). I doubt anyone is seriously angered over Greengrass or Spike Jonze (Her) being snubbed as the masses were when Ben Affleck was left off the ballot last year.

Honestly, all the technical award categories might as well celebrate their nominations and be proud of that, as Gravity will inevitably sweep those.

Voting goes from February 14 to February 25 with the final announcements coming at the 86th Academy Awards Ceremony held March 2 at 7 pm aired on ABC. Ellen DeGeneres hosts what will be a "hero" theme to the festivities (Chris Hemsworth aka Thor announced the nominees), as the Oscars continue to hopelessly pander to younger audiences.