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Latest Oscar Buzz
And it's awesome.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 loses Shailene Woodley
The A-List cast loses one, but gains another. Equilibrium.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 rumor round-up
This A-List cast keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles
Michael Bay: ruining your childhood one cartoon after another. 

Emma Watson takes to Twitter to Deny Fifty Shades rumors
If not her, then whom will play the ultra-sexualized role?

Deadpool Film Possibly in Developmental Hell
Tim Miller takes on another project, which does not bode well

Tomb Raider film reboot searching for Lara Croft star
But whom? Dobrev? Luddington? Another?

Catching Fire narrows its search for Johanna Mason
A Swedish beauty and a spunky indy film star

Summer of 2012 Kid and Family Oriented Movies!
Step aside superheroes, let the animated extravaganza begin!

The Hobbit shot in 48fps
Good thing? Or... NEVER AGAIN?

Marvel's Expanding Universe, Pt. V
Hulk want own movie...

The Amazing Spider-Man new trailer
All we can say is... "Amazing" 

X-Men: First Class sequel casting rumors
The X-Men need their uni-eyed, red-laser-shooting leader...

Casting Rumors for Catching Fire's Johanna Mason
Will one of these ladies play District 7's victor?

The Dark Knight Trailer #3 Critical, In-Depth Analysis
It's why we're payed the big bucks... Right...?

The Dark Knight: Bane and the New Trailer
A look at Batman's latest foe, plus oh yeah, TDKR newest trailer.

Catching Fire casting rumors for Finnick Odair
Soooo many good-looking men...

Django Unchained: The Best Thing Ever.
Quentin Tarantino. Spaghetti-Western. A-List Cast. Yeah.

The Avengers, Mk. III
Every TV Spot and Trailer! Yeah. You're Welcome.

The Amazing Spider-Man
This summer's underdog superhero flick 

Marvel's Expanding Universe, Pt. IV
The Star-Spangled Banner Man!

Marvel's Expanding Universe, Pt. III
Thor news... post-Avengers style.

Catching Fire names Francis Lawrence as Director
Is he a good choice? Well, yes.

Catching Fire in search of Gary Ross's Replacement
Who made the shortlist? Plus, a lot of love for Jennifer Lawrence...

Marvel's Expanding Universe, Pt. II
News on the post-Avengers Iron Man film

Marvel's Expanding Universe, Pt. I

What's Next after Bond 23?
Will Daniel Craig return? Or will another step into the role...?

The Dark Knight Rises: Big Budget, Big Dreams, Big FINALE!!!

Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway and The Dark Knight Rises
Wait. . .what? Bane? Catwoman? WHAT?!

Sucker Punch

Pirates of the Caribbean
Yes, there's more.

Due Date
Expecting awesomeness.

Harry Potter 7
The Last, First part.

Transformers 3
Ummm... Just take a look.

The Avengers

Sherlock Holmes 2
So many sequels . . .

Batman 3: David Tennant
Yes. Just. Yes.

The Hobbit

Avatar 2
As if you didn't see this coming.

The Dark Tower
Lord of the Rings... with a TV Show.

More Monsters News
And it's pretty snazzy.

So Many Sequels
Don't get pumped.

The Latest on Zooey
Now get pumped.

Your Highness

A Bieber Biopic
Because 16 years is long enough.

Mulan: Live Action Remake
Because... that's totally necessary.

Spidey Reboot & MiB 3 News
Necessary? No.
Will make boatloads of cast? Yes.

Gareth Edwards' Monsters
Showing us characters can be developed in horror films.

First Up! Batman 3 Rumors
All the crazy rumors surrounding The Dark Knight follow-up...