Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Open Thread (One Day Late...)

Good-bye vacation... hello hectic schedule...
Whew! Hello all!

Well, I apologize for having the Open Thread on Wednesday instead of Tuesday this week.
I am ridiculously busy from getting back from vacation and such (like getting ready for college and preparing college auditions).
Anyway, here it is! In all its one day late-ness glory.

Feel free to keep the suggestions coming!
Or you could talk about how we totally sold out and eloped with Amazon...
Or comment on Joseph's at-first-it-was-funny-but-now-it's-incredibly-creepy obsession with Zooey Deschanel.

Comment away! (and if you still need a reminder, here are the Rules and Regulations of commenting)


  1. Woooo! Selling out is just... just the best.

    But yeah, Joseph's obsession is rather disturbing. In an endearing, psychotic kind of way.

  2. Note that when we say up front that the whole zooey thing is creepy/obsessive there is minimal trolling.

  3. You thought my obsession was funny at first? I'm pretty sure it's just always been creepy. Really, it seems like a poor idea to give me the perfect platform to continue this. You ought to consider kicking me out.

  4. On a totally non-Zooey related subject, the link to this blog is now part of my signature for the Macrumors forums! They have over 500,000 active members and I often post on stories, so hooray for exposure!! Oh, and thanks for putting up the Firefly stuff Ben.


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