Thursday, September 2, 2010

College: brb

Hello scholars and learned people!

We hope to be just like you, so we all went to college. 
Yes, it is that time of year, where every good little boy and good little girl goes off to school.

All of us will be moved in sometime during this week or so, so the super hectic, eclectic schedules of all of us hinder our ability to write up good, worthwhile posts (unlike this one...). Things have been slowing down here for a few days, and it will come to a near standstill in the next few, so I thought I would inform you on why things are plodding along here.

We apologize for this brief "hiatus" (as in, like, a couple of days, so not too long), and thank all of you viewers for faithfully following us!

Also, please spread word of this blog around! We appreciate all of you, and we would like to see this blog continue to grow in viewership! (We also like making money, so... check out our astore!)

Anyway, we will be back in a few days, and once life gets back to normal, we will put up some good stuff! Thank you for your patience. 

In the meantime, check out reviews of films, actor profilesupcoming films, our Oscar season news, our movies that should be made ideas, and so much more!

Wish us luck as life changes for all of us, and we settle in to college living!


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