Friday, October 22, 2010

Suggestion Box

This has nothing to do with anything.
OK, to be really honest, this post would be more honestly titled "A Desperate Plea for Help." After having sort of acclimated ourselves to college, we found ourselves with less and less free time, explaining the lack of posts. However, this last few weeks, you may have noticed a drop in posts. There weren't any.

Oddly enough, this wasn't necessarily because of lack of time. Some of us were even on Fall Break (not me, though *grumbles*) and those who weren't sure had some time between their classes and such. Problem was, for me at least, and at least some of my fellow YAMB-ers, that we couldn't think of anything to write. This dearth of material has led to some desperate attempts at articles or else just no writing at all.

Some of us considered just writing MTSBM (Movies That Should Be Made) about just anything they could think of, but that would A: get old real fast, and B: undermine the (already limited) legitimacy of this blog. Instead of doing this, or continuing to write awful articles about Lord of the Rings, Zooey Deschanel, or both, we hoped we could get some suggestions from the viewers about what to write about. Any new movies you saw the trailer of that you'd like to hear about? Movies you totally think should be made, but haven't bothered writing a snarky plot summary full of inside jokes about? Actors you want to see profiled, or what new movies they're going to be in? Or really just anything at all? In case you haven't noticed, we're sort of desperate, so we'll take anything.

Please help us!
Sincerely, YAMB


  1. due date

    Star Wars re-release in 3d

    Actors who were almost cast in roles(i.e. Will Smith as Neo, Tom Cruise as Tony Stark, Nicolas Cage as Superman, etc)

    Top Gun 2

    Can anyone replace Bruce Willis in the Die Hard series or will it end with him

    Keep up the actor profiles. There's a lot of young AND old talent in hollywood. There's a couple huge actors who've been around a while who need profiles

    Deadpool. There's a lot of new there right now.

    Movies that SHOULDN'T have been made and why

    Actors who moved from music to movies or vice versa, and whether their switch was successful. (i.e. Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus)

    Director Profiles(Peter I know you'd love to do one on Nolan and that many of you want to do one on Whedon)

    TV Shows that should or shouldn't have ended

    Analysis of movie concept art and previews when they come out

    Movie Reviews of older movies while there's a sort of break in big films right now. As long as you're running out of articles to write, you might as well expand your film database.

    Movies that should be made is a great idea, as long as you're coming up with good ideas

    Pick some films from the side of screenrant where the list the upcoming films. Have someone focus on a few of them, and whenever news or even just a rumor comes out, have them post and analyze

    I hope this gives you enough ideas for now. I know college is rough, I'm under a lot of stress too right now. I want you guys to succeed with this site.

    Stay Classy(which reminds me, there's word going around about a sequel to Anchorman. You could write up something about this)

  2. Do a movie review on 1983's Hercules, directed by Luigi Cozzi!

  3. Here you go

    Do one on actors who go their start on SNL but who most people don't know were on it. There's a lot of really well known actors whose beginnings are unknown to the general public.

  4. that would be one yes. Just write something about him! You have stuff about movies he'll be in, but he's one of the best actors in hollywood who basically came back from the grave. WRITE SOMETHING!


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