Friday, September 23, 2011

New Segment! And it's EDUCATIONAL!!!

Subliminal college recruiting...
You may have noticed that there is a new tab up above (probably not...), and if you were curious enough to click on it, you saw that there was a "Stay Tuned."

Now, some of you might be wary about a tab called "Educational," but don't worry, it's cool. Trust me.

Here at YAMB, we could be seen as "critics." As one of my professors have told me, "Critics are the eunuchs of the world. They can talk about it, but can't do it." Hmmmmm... While being a critic is fun, I mean, we just pretty much talk for a living, making what is being criticized on is even more exciting.

More subliminal college recruiting...
While I plan to be a business major at Calvin College, I hope to incorporate Media Production within that major. A double major possibly............. Whoo. More school...

Now, I said Media Production, with production being the key word. Not film studies. Not criticizing. Not eunuchs... But production.

So, in this new segment I hope to post some articles on some of the producing expertise I am currently learning in college. Hopefully, this adds a new dimension to this blog, which... to be honest has been on the slow decline.
...become a filmmaker...
Pointers on lighting, group collaboration problems, even just writing about the college setting, are some topics that I hope to post on this blog soon. Filmmaking is much more than "running a camera" or "directing." Gaffers, folley artists, production teams, etc. are also vital in the production process. I hope to spread my (albeit limited) knowledge that I am learning in my college classes to you, the viewer.

Please let me know what you think of this idea!
Dream. School. 
Peter Stark Producing Program for 
Grad School...?
Hopefully, you will enjoy reading about it, and maybe even try to apply it! The more filmmakers I can spawn, the better this world will become! Right...?

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