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Post- Daniel Craig James Bond

Who will follow Daniel Craig and be Bond...?
Forget "Being Bond", who will BE Bond...?

While the currently titled Bond 23 hasn’t even been in post-production yet, it’s never too early to wonder about the prospects about Bond 24. Specifically, who will play the seventh incarnation of the iconic British MI6 agent?

Back in 2006, Daniel Craig took over after the reign of Pierce Brosnan. While the choice of a “blonde” Bond caused quite a stir (or… shake, perhaps…), Craig quickly showed why he was chosen to the play the suave secret agent for the beautifully created Casino Royale. Then… Quantum of Solace… Let’s just say… well… It was bad. It had its moments, but it was pretty stupid. Solace pretty much threw Craig’s future as Bond into jeopardy. When studio MGM filed for bankruptcy, the whole Bond franchise was thrown into disarray. Production for Bond 23 stalled, and the whole project was pretty much scrapped. Intending to continue the Quantum story arc, Bond 23 was speculated to follow Sebastian Faulk’s 2008 Bond book, Devil May Care (which, personally, I enjoyed). However, the entire production switched gears, post-MGM bankruptcy, and Craig’s third Bond role is on its way to hit theaters sometime next year.
Yeeeeaaaahhhh... They had to sell the Lion... 
 Now, Craig originally signed up for three Bonds, with an option for a fourth. With Craig’s star burning bright in Hollywood, it is rather doubtful he will commit to a fourth go-around with the Bond franchise. If Bond 23 tanks Craig will definitely jump ship. While I enjoy having Craig play James Bond, I really wouldn’t mind a change in actors, as Craig needs to move on to bigger and better things.

However, who will take over for Craig and be the seventh Bond in the franchise? While many actors will undoubtedly clamor for the job, only a few should be actually seriously considered. Not just anyone can fill the role that has been passed on by the likes of Sean Connery, George Lazenby, (Connery again…), Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig.
Bond. James Bond.

 7 Candidates for the next 007

Idris Elba

But…but…but……… he’s black……….. (follow-up: shouldn’t he be considered for Felix Leiter……?) While Bond has been portrayed as a white man only, Elba recently confirmed the rumors (or perhaps… rumours) that he was in talks to be the post-Craig James Bond. That being said, he doesn’t want to be forever remembered as the “Black Bond.” While skin colour (ha) probably won’t cause straight-up outrage, I would have to assume that Bond fans everywhere would be scratching their heads at a, yes, “Black Bond.” While Elba would be an excellent choice, and he proves he can play a hardcore, crime-fighter with his BBC show, Luther, Elba may pose too much controversy for producers to seriously consider Elba. It’s really a shame, too. Elba was caught in the middle of a “race” debate when he was cast in the superhero film, Thor, as a Norse god. Race aside, look for Elba’s name to continue to pop up for a post-Craig Bond, though. If a ethnic switch is wanted, Elba would probably be the first choice to play the never shaken or stirred agent, James Bond.

Clive Owen

The already established British actor was actually previously considered to play Bond before Craig was announced. Obviously, he really wanted the role, and the public really, really wanted Owen to play Bond. As you know, Craig took the role, and Owen went on to other projects, even one that spoofed the British spy (he played 006 or “one short of the big time” in The Pink Panther, but everyone knows 006 was killed in Goldeneye). While Owen is approaching the wrong side of 50, the rumours should continue to swirl around him when Craig departs.  

Christian Bale

Another actor that has an established career in the film business, Bale was also considered to be the successor of Brosnan. Bale would certainly give the role his all, as he does with every project he’s attached to. While personally, I can’t see Bale as Bond, I would only have to assume that the general public would be simply elated at the idea of Bale as Bond. He has the youth, the looks, the acting chops, and the muscle to easily be Bond. The Batman star would also add a huge name as the British agent to a Bond film, something that a rookie Bond has never had. He may also even garner Oscar attention to the blockbuster franchise, as Bale is such a phenomenal actor. While some stupid people may be confused by the fact that he is actually English (but… but… he doesn’t have an accent when he’s Batman!), Bale would definitely be considered as the British spy.

Henry Cavill

While not nearly as established as Owen or Bale, Cavill was seriously considered to play 007 after Brosnan. Instead, Cavill was considered too young for the role (22 at the time). Instead of the Bond blockbuster franchise, Cavill gets his chance to shine in the rebooted (again…) Superman franchise, playing the Man of Steel himself. While this may cause future scheduling conflicts, Cavill would no doubt jump at the chance to play the iconic spy. As he was when Brosnan left the role, Cavill would undoubtedly be a contender to succeed Daniel Craig as 007.

Sam Worthington

Before Daniel Craig took over for Brosnan, the then-unknown English-Australian actor was screen-tested for the role of the iconic spy. When the Bond franchise was put on hold in 2010, Worthington’s name came up as the successor to Craig, should the hiatus last indefinitely. Since Bond 23 is being produced, Worthington-Bond rumours have fallen away; however, look for the Australian to possibly be a front-runner for the British spy. It is interesting to know that Worthington was reluctant to take over the role back in 2006, and it is unknown if that feeling has stayed with him.

Tom Hardy

He’s got the brains. He’s certainly got the brawn. And he can be suave, smooth, and charming, while single-handedly beating a small army to a pulp with his bare hands. Hardy would be extraordinary as Bond; however, he will most likely have massive success with his Bane character in The Dark Knight Rises, which would cause him to have a ridiculous film schedule. While playing Bond would be a role I’m sure Hardy would love, I would rather see Tom play a villain role, or perhaps a friend of Bond, turned evil (ala Sean Bean’s character Alec Trevelyan). Just a thought… But I do think that after The Dark Knight Rises Hardy will be type casted as a “villain” or anti-hero character.

Michael Fassbender

Currently, Fassbener is probably the most plausible and popular choice to play the next iconic MI6 agent in the Bond franchise. After X-Men: First Class, it’s hard to argue against Fassbender. As Erik Lenshurr (aka Magneto), Fassbender gave a stunning and truly great performance in a sub-par film. It would be amazing to see Fassbender try the role of Bond. Not only does he have the looks and the physical prowess, he can show a dark, brooding sort of Bond, while still being light-hearted and coy. When Craig ends his reign as Bond, Fassbender’s name will most likely be a the top of the long list of actors to be considered Craig’s successor.

Who will follow in these men's footsteps?
While I can’t see established actors, such as Clive Owen or Christian Bale, picking up where Craig left off, emerging, young actors like Fassbender and Hardy could be serious contenders. Cavill, Hardy, and Elba could be vaulted to mainstream success with their future projects, Superman: Man of SteelThe Dark Knight Rises, and Prometheus respectively. Like Hardy, I would rather see Worthington as a rouge spy or a nemesis of Bond, instead of the man himself.

Personally, Fassbender would be my choice to play the dashing, British agent. However, it remains to be seen if Daniel Craig decides to return for a fourth Bond flick. Either way, Fassbender will probably be the next Bond, be it in Bond 24 or Bond 25. Hopefully, both… Look for names such as James McAvoy, Goran Visnjic, Colin Farrell, Gerard Butler, some random American pretty boy, and even Ewan McGregor to pop up as well. Or David Tennant as James Bond. Just kidding… (It wouldn't work anyway...)

The next Bond...?
The debate will continue, and it will only intensify if and when Daniel Craig leaves the role (either after Bond 23 or Bond 24). Fassbender is already a favorite, at least around the interwebz, and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. You heard it from me (certainly not the first… as all the actors listed have various blogsites along the lines of “make the next Bond!!!!!!!”), my endorsement is for Fassbender to play the next incarnation of 007. While Hardy would be my second choice, Fassbender looks like he was born to play James Bond. 

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