Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something We're Very Excited About


In my last post regarding YAMB, I told you that we had some special news we were excited to share, and now we can do that! We here at Yet Another Movie Blog do what we do because we love doing it. Film gets us though each week, and when we get to bring our opinions and view to others, it's very special. It just so happens that in our off-phase we managed to grab the attention of someone who we'd like to take some time to acknowledge and thank.

Thanks to Fandango for the wonderful opportunity!

That's right folks, Yet Another Movie Blog is now officially a partner of Fandango, the giant movie-site that has information on movies, actors, directors, etc., as well as a huge ticket-seller. Through this partnership, you can now buy tickets from Fandango through our site. They have lots of promotions and sales going on all the time, so take advantage of this! You'll start seeing advertisements and links put up to go to their website and purchase tickets, gift cards, or take part in special events. We'd love it if you'd at least click these, and would love it even more if you'd take the time to buy tickets through YAMB. We will be paid a small commission every time you do so, and that money will help us improve and expand our site.

It's like this: Enter Fandango's Be Amazing Sweepstakes for a chance to win an LA getaway!

We love the fact that they will pay us and that you can access their site through us, and we really encourage you to do so. What we really want to thank them for most is giving us a kick-start to really do something with this blog. We've been up and down, but now we have a real reason to get up and stay up.

This is only the beginning, and we need your help. This is no longer a plea, but is instead a request. Will you help us? Let your friends know about us, spread us around, like us on facebook, share our posts, buy tickets through us, and maybe even request to write something for us! It's very exciting for us to interact with you, so do us a favor and make us your movie blog.


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