Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We're Back!

Sorry for the Delay Folks - We're Now Back On Schedule

They're only MOSTLY dead
After some incredible May success, we kind of dropped off the radar for a while. Our apologies. After promises of greatness and grandeur, you were let down when you needed us most. Truth-be-told, it's not easy for 2 people with busy schedules to run a machine like this. The pressures make have gotten to us over the course of a few weeks, but now we here at YAMB have an important message for you.

We're Coming

That's right. We told you of a day when this extraordinary team would take to the field of battle that is the internet, and rain down movie news on all those who dared look for it. We have what you seek. The day that was spoken of has come, and it is time to go all out. This article isn't just an announcement of our return. No no, it's much more. It's a declaration of our full-on commitment to you. It's also a summary of what you can really expect from us, but mostly a declaration.

The Blog

This is our base of operations. Here is where we write our stories. Here is where we do our grunt work. To this day we haven't been exceptionally consistent with our delivery. Over the course of 3 weeks in May, Peter and I wrote article after article after article, and along with having a record high month, we managed to get 100,000 views all-time for YAMB. Those 3 weeks proved to us that you like what we write, and that if we work hard we'll be met with success. You can expect to see that same consistent delivery, but on a higher level. More team members will be writing, which means more articles per day. We'll also cover a broader range of topics. Our site also has some issues with format and being crowded with little things here and there. Although it may look awkward sometimes over the next little while, we will try to organize our site and material so it's more user-friendly.

The B*Team

"You're up"
There was an idea to bring together a group of extraordinary people, so that when we needed them the most, they could write the stories others never could. While we may not necessarily return all of the past members, and will struggle with filling the gaping hole they'll leave behind, the idea behind our wonderful team will remain the same. A group of friends who share the same love for movies, humor, and writing. We'll add new members over time, after they go through the "guest-writing" phase (it's our initiation thing). We'll get a new picture and area in our site for the members, and update the team profiles. On top of movie news, you can expect to hear tidbits from our lives. The B*Team won't be some random group of people who write for that one site you like. We want you to get to know us more and be able to communicate with us. If you comment, we'll comment. If you email us, we'll email you back. This will be a team you can rely on and get to know.

The Content

Our content was somewhat focused in the month of May. That was mainly due to lack of diversity in our writing staff at the time. The new content we put out will be much the same as before, but with more to it. We're always brainstorming new ideas for articles and layouts. We'll let you know what to see, what not to see, what to look forward to, what to not look forward to. You'll see stories covering a range of movies, from the ones you love to the ones you hate to the ones you've never heard of. Our content will be out sooner. It will be informative, funny, and meaningful. At YAMB we have a saying. "The latest and greatest movie news from around the web." We joke about how it's not really either of those things, but in reality we strive to make it so. You can always count on quality articles from us. Get ready for the upgrade in our content.

The Expansion/World Domination

The Competition
The Internet is an incredible place if you want to make something known. Well, we'd like to make YAMB known to other people. Over the next month or so, we'll be posting on Google+, Facebook, twitter, and Youtube. Some of these things will take longer to get going that others. Google+, Facebook, and twitter will all feature our articles, as well as things we like. Youtube is the part I'm looking forward to most. We're going to shoot for a video every week or so, where we'll actually get in front of the camera and do goofy things, tell jokes, and more importantly, round up the more interesting bits of movie news from that week. This will also be a chance for you to get to know us better, and see our personalities in real life. You can see us interact with each other, see our passion for film, and I guess more than anything else see how ridiculous we are. I'm hoping to be a big part of the Youtube section of our expansion, so look for my face there. On Facebook we'll be able to interact more directly with you. It's where our team converses for the most part, and through it we can update you more quickly on YAMB's progress. If you haven't liked our Facebook page yet, you can do so here.

The Audience (That's You!)

Our audience climbed astronomically over May, and since then our average views per day (with nothing being published) has doubled. We're thankful to those of you that read our articles, who check our Facebook, who comment on our posts, and who support what we do. We've recently had a wonderful opportunity open up that we plan to take full advantage of (news on this coming at a later time), but for now we cry to you for help, and ask that you do something for us: Spread the word! Share our stories. Show your friends. Comment on our posts. If you liked us once then come back again! We can't do anything without our readers, because although we write, stay up late to see movies early, search everywhere for news, and devote so much time to this blog, we can't have any success without you. This blog is for you, and we simply ask that you help us grow.

So What's Next?

We have big news that we're waiting to break until it's a for-sure thing. Until then we're going to get organized, crank out material, and start expanding. We'll get traffic back up, and hopefully you'll help with that. If you have questions feel free to send us an email. If you're new to the site, look over our old material. Tell us what you like. Tell us what you don't like. Comment on our articles. We actually care about what you think! Here at YAMB we're in for the long-haul, and we're excited about what's about to happen. Strap in folks, it's going to be awesome.

Long live YAMB!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman,


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