Monday, July 2, 2012

Amazing Spider-man Spoiler-UPDATED

For All You Naughty Folks Out There

"Not the spoiler!  Anything but the spoiler!"

I have now had the misfortune of having two of my most-anticipated movies spoiled slightly for me this Summer. The first was a certain plot point in The Avengers, and and the second is something very important from The Amazing Spider-man, which I see tonight. Be warned: although it's not yet confirmed (by me), this is a large, and very probable spoiler.

Needless to say, SPOILER ALERT.

Still there? Cool.

Recently I was viewing a friend play The Amazing Spider-man game for Xbox 360, and Gwen Stacy dropped a nice little line regarding how she feels about Peter teaming up with Curt Connors (so spoiler number one, he doesn't die). The line itself was "He can't bring my father back." Soooo, surprise! It would appear that just like in the comics, Captain Stacy will meet his end in The Amazing Spider-man. Hopefully Dennis Leary won't disappoint in the one installment he'll be in. Remember it's completely possible (although unlikely) that the video game doesn't follow continuity, and this spoiler should still be regarded as a rumor.

UPDATE: After seeing this film, I can now CONFIRM this spoiler to be true!


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