Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jeff Robinov Follows Bruce Rosenblum Out the Door

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It's been a rough year for Warner Bros. After some pretty risky film investments and a changing of the guard, WB Movie President, Jeff Robinov, is leaving the studio. Robinov's departure follows closely on that of his former colleague, Bruce Rosenblum, the then-President of Warner's Television Group. In the spring, we covered Warner Bros.' pretty rough start and murky future, and it looks like the studio is definitely reeling a bit.

Even though Man of Steel (a personal triumph for Robinov) stormed the box office to a tune of over $200 million, and it already has a multiple movie contract with the studio, Robinov's resignation definitely raises eyebrows about the attitude inside the organization. Many expected either Robinov or Rosenblum to take over for outgoing chairman, Barry Meyer, but instead CEO Jeff Bewkes chose Kevin Tsujihara. While Robinov was initially supportive of Bewkes decision, there are many reports that the relationship between Robinov and Bewkes and Robinov and Tsujihara have soured considerably.

(Left to Right) Kroll, Silverman, Emmerich
It does not look like Robinov's position will be filled. Rather, similarly to what the studio did with Rosenblum's departure, Robinov will be replaced by a trio of production president Greg Silverman, marketing chief Sue Kroll, and New Line chief  Toby Emmerich. All three will report directly to Tsujihara.

While this will hurt Warner Bros. Film unit, it was not necessarily unexpected. Ever since Meyer's spot was up-for-grabs between Robinov, Rosenblum, and Tsujihara, the three men have not exactly been close. It would have been almost impossible for the studio to retain whomever did not take over for Meyer.

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