Monday, October 4, 2010

Speaking of Facebook... (and other Housekeeping news)

We have reached (and are exceeding) the 100 "like" mark on our Facebook page!
WHOOOOO!!!!!!! A hug for everyone. (extra hug for the 100th follower, sorry we couldn't figure that one out)
Thank you all so much for following us on Facebook!

If you haven't clicked the little "like" button on our page, please do! Link: here.

Also, for those who have been following our Facebook page, we have conformed to joined Twitter.
Why? Well. . . Twitter seems to be a good way to connect with a larger audience.
We want to reach as many people as possible, so please, follow us on our Twitter page as well!

More tidbits and announcements after the jump. . .

Another announcement we would like to give is that, as some may know, we have an Amazon Associates store. If you are looking at the movie reviews we have done, and would really like to buy one of them, by all means, click on the astore link to buy it! It's very convenient, and it has not only movies we've reviewed, but some of our personal favorites and YAMB fans' suggestions. There's a lot of great stuff there, so check it out

With all of us here at YAMB super busy pursuing studious endeavors, we would really appreciate some help! If you have seen a movie or just want to write on an upcoming moviecontact us, and send us your article and we would happily post it for you. Click here for more information on how to become a Guest Writer. 

Also, feel free to comment on our posts. We really like to hear your feedback! 
If you have a Twitter account, and would like to "retweet" our posts, please, go ahead! As priorly noted, we would love to reach as many people as possible! If you are connected to Facebook, you can link our articles as well! We really appreciate the increased publicity! 

Well. . . that's about it (for now!)
Treat this post as an Open Thread, too, and share your ideas how Yet Another Movie Blog can be even better! Oh and in case you haven't heard, we won't be posting Open Threads every week. It seemed a little excessive in the first place, and there hasn't been a ton of activity on them, thus we decided to cut back on them. 

In case you missed these posts from the last Open Thread!

Thanks everyone!

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