Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Updates from Zack-May 1: Superhero Reboots

If we were to name a common theme in movies today, one would absolutely definitely very completely 100% maybe say reboots.  Snow White,Conan, Footloose, Fright Night, True Grit, The Tourist, and The Thing, to name but a few.  There's quite a few in the works too.  Snow White, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Robocop, Judge Dredd, and of course more and more.  It's safe to say it's been happening a lot, and it's been happening in the world of superheroes too.  There's been an exceptional amount of news about three big superhero movies coming out this Summer: The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises (Batman reboot-old news), and The Amazing Spiderman (Spiderman reboot).  While there were tidbits here and there about them this past weekend, here's some movies you may not have heard about...

The Fantastic Four

It's okay! This article doesn't focus on those horrible movies you might have seen about the dude on fire, the stretchy guy, and the invisible chick!  There may have been a rock guy in there too.  Whatever.  This article is not about them!  Marvel Studios, realizing how ridiculously awful their FF franchise was, decided it was time to start over.  A Fantastic Four movie is currently in pre-production, and may have found a captain for their ship.

Josh Trank to direct Fantastic Four reboot

Josh Trank is most well known for his "found-film" superhero adventure, Chronicle.  Although Chronicle didn't rake in the big bucks, it was a critical success, currently ranking a solid 85% on rottentomatoes.  This shows that Josh Trank has some serious skills when it comes to filmmaking, and he's even been in talks to do a standalone Venom movie.  Venom as in the symbiote from Spiderman.  I say please wait until they bring Venom into the Garfield-Webb-saga, and then go nuts within the same continuity.  After seeing a really good, original, found-film superhero movie, I believe this man can do anything well.


Don't mind me.  Just poppin' up in another article
to see what movie is using our idea this time....
Daredevil was a complete mess.  Although Ben Affleck did an admirable job as Matt Murdock (and I still like the casting), everything else in that movie was god-awful.  A Daredevil reboot is in the works, and recently the current script was looked over and is getting reworked by David James Kelly.  Daredevil-rehashed is slightly farther ahead than it's stretchy, flaming, invisible, thing-y, Marvel counterpart, in that it already has a director in the form of David Slade.  Slade is too well known for directing The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  He does have some credibility though, due to his outstanding work on the film Hard Candy.  Everybody is Those hoping for a grittier, darker version of Daredevil will certainly get what they want.
Here's my beef.  Apparently the current script comes straight out of the comics.  In a certain Daredevil comics story arc, the Kingpin learns Daredevil's identity, and slowly goes about destroying his life.  This sounds WAY too much like a sequel to the Daredevil movie with Affleck.  Unless this is in some way a reboot AND a continuation (a la The Incredible Hulk), I'm a little worried about how this will turn out.  Especially with a certain casting rumor pointing at a certain Twilight hunk playing the role of Matt Murdock.

That's it for superhero reboots.  Join me later as I go through casting possibilities for these new heroes!  Until then.

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman,


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