Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy 100,000 Hits Day!

There's no party like a YAMB party!
On behalf of all of us here on YAMB, I would love to thank all of our fans for helping us get to 100k on the hit column. Who cares if we make up 98,000 of the hits. It's quite an accomplishment for my little brainchild that seemed 6 feet under not but a few months ago. Well, that may not seem like a lot for a blog that's been in existence for the past 2-ish or so years, it is. Let me explain...

Our lives. In college. In Kute Kitty Form.
While we started out with great intentions to do AMAZING things the summer out of high school, something big came up. College. Between the first few years of college and adjusting to the workloads, the B*Team wasn't really able to keep up Yet Another Movie Blog. Hey, we're only human.

However, lately, we've been pumping out some great content for all of you out there in Internet land. Largely, thanks to our newest blogger, Zack. He has definitely been integral to turning this blog around.

Even though we hit 100k, we are not stopping! We want this blog to keep going and keep flourishing! But! We can't do it on our own.

........hopefully, not anytime soon.........
We need your help. Seriously. We would love if all of you out there would share YAMB on the various social media outlets that we are currently on. Like us on Facebook and share our articles. Follow us on Twitter and retweet our tweets. Subscribe to our blog. Follow us on Google+ (if... you have a Google+ account...). Because we're super desperate we couldn't do this blog without the help of all of you! Well... we could, but it just wouldn't be worth it...

To make sure this blog becomes an established film site, we're also looking to expand our team. This would allow us to keep the content flowing, even if some of us are unable to write (do to... y'know summer jobs or MORE college...). If you are interested, don't be afraid to be a Guest Writer! Just ask Zack, you write for us long enough, you'll be part of the family soon enough. It's like the mob. Just... don't tell anyone...

Short. Annoying. Yep. I'm totally Tommy.
Again, thank you so much for visiting here whether a faithful follower or coming here because we have cool pictures. We really appreciate the traffic! If there is anything you would like to see improved, let us know! Contact us as or sound off in the comments below.


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