Monday, August 2, 2010

Actor Profile: Ellen Page

Beautiful, cute, or sexy?
Personal Life
Ellen was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on February 21, 1987. She went to Halifax Grammar School until 10th grade, attended Queen Elizabeth High School for a bit, and graduated from Shambhala School in 2005. Page liked to play with action figures and climb trees as a child. She still lives in Halifax with her dog, Patti and is known to walk and talk in her sleep. For some reason, I’m really not too surprised.

(Abridged) Filmography
1997 – Pit Pony (Maggie Maclean)
2003 – Ghost Cat (Natalie Merritt)
2005 – Hard Candy (Hayley Stark)
2006 – X-Men: The Last Stand (Katherine “Kitty” Pryde)
2007 – Juno (Juno MacGuff)
2008 – Smart People (Vanessa Wetherhold)
2009 – Whip It (Bliss Cavendar / Babe Ruthless)
2010 – Inception (Ariadne)
2010 – Super (Libby / Boltie)

Critical Reception
Page didn’t have a good sized film until Hard Candy, for which she got 4 nominations and 1 win as Best Actress. Juno was her big break, earning her 19 nominations (including an Oscar for Best Actress) and 10 wins. Since then, her biggest role was as Ariadne in the 2010 psychological thriller Inception. It’s too soon for awards, but the film is being highly praised by everyone, and Page’s role was not a small one. There should be many nominations and wins to come.

The Future
Although she’s only had one truly breakthrough film, I believe Page is going to go places. Faraway places. Is that how that works? Well, anyways; she finished filming the superhero dark comedy Super this previous winter, co-starring with Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, and Kevin Bacon. It’s a low-budget indie film directed by James Gunn, who… well, frankly, he hasn’t done anything very good. But even if that fails, Page could have a prosperous career in the indie film business. Blockbusters just don’t seem her style, Inception being the exception.

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