Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Open Thread: I'm Too Tired to Write a Catchy Title

I don't actually know how this ends... I'm sorry if it's rude...
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Hello bloggers and viewers and peoples,

I hope you are excited to perhaps start up school or all that jazz. I am looking forward to get the actual school part started... Week One Orientation is crazy busy.

Anyway, not much more is going on besides ridiculous schedules and stuff. I'm sure my colleagues are similarly swamped. However, that has not stopped us from posting some pretty neato articles. I had not priorly anticipated much activity here over the week, as seen in this article.

Week in Review:

Oscar Watch: First Installment
~ Comic Book Adaptions, Upcoming Films, and Other Cool Things
~ Top 10 List, the version of Joseph
~ Box Office Brawl, Round II
~ Movie Review: Spirited Away

So, check those things out if you haven't, and comment away!
We like hearing from you, and we love your ideas! Well... some of them...



  1. anyone else getting supper psyched for Social Network?

  2. ditto bro. (aimed at Mark)

  3. yeah... same thing these people said.

  4. Yeah, sorry, I've been super busy, but I just finished it. However, I'm thinking I'd rather wait until one of us has seen it and written a review of it, both for a little contrast and because "The American" is a super new movie, and I don't really want to throw up reviews of it if we haven't seen it ourselves.

  5. Sorry, man, we've all been super busy. I sent it to Joseph for editing and he says it'll be done soon.

  6. not to be hatin on you guys, i know y'all been busy....but did my review get turned down or something


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