Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Upcoming Films: Monsters

Gareth Edward's Monsters has been a film I've been keeping my eyes on for a while now. Way back when, I wrote up an article on how it may change horror and sci-fi films (again...) with its in-depth look at characters (which is weird for horror films to do because characterization goes by the wayside in modern slasher flicks. If you're female and white, you live, albeit shallowly, and everyone else dies. Now you know the ending to every horror film created). I was also impressed by its ridiculously miniscule budget!
Not much more news on this film, but there's a pretty good trailer. The studio seems to be hyping it up as a seriously insane action, sci-fi flick, but all the reports I've read, say it's a rather slow moving character study with a lot happening in the third act.

Trailer Courtesy of Hulu (sorry for the ads):

Oh. Spoiler. My bad.
The more and more I read about Monsters, the more and more I get a District 9 vibe, mixed with the good parts of Cloverfield. (let's be honest, the actual "Clover" monster of Cloverfield ruined the mystery and made the film rather laughable.) Social issues crop up, as they did with District 9, such as refugee problems, civilian vs. military powers, and the mysteries of chemical warfare. District 9 had similar issues, and is heralded as a "revolutionary sci-fi film" according to some critics.
However, will Monsters be District 9 lite? Or will it hold its own against its more expensive counterpart? ($15,000 budget... ridiculous)
Either way, it should be a film to watch for during Oscar season.

Release Date: Sometime in October...


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