Saturday, November 6, 2010

Open Letter: BRB

To our faithful, wonderful viewers,

As you may have noticed, this blog has definitely been slowing down to near-standstill as of late. Due to the fairly busy scheduling of our collegiate careers and overall lack of new material, new posts have been few and far between. We even had a post desperately asking for help. It's been sad and rather lackluster on our part. However, we really like getting good grades in college because that's kinda important...

We know some of you have expressed concern on the future plans of this beloved blog (okay, well maybe not beloved, but still...). Don't worry we will not stop posting the latest and greatest movie news; we are just going to take a brief break.

A hiatus of sorts.

We'll be back.
We have come to a conclusion that we do not want to stop this blog because we really enjoy it, and we love that viewers like you also like reading our material! However, we realize we need to take a break. Therefore, we decided to use November and a little bit of December as some sort of interlude from writing.

Have no fear! We will be back! We won't set a date when we will be return, and if we decide to extend our little hiatus longer than November (say... 'til the summer), we will inform you of that decision. And don't worry, if and when we do decide to come back, we will NOT disappoint.

And, from all of us here at Yet Another Movie Blog
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support!
We really appreciate it! It means so much to us.

So, brb, folks.

The B*Team
You haven't gotten rid of us yet, world.

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