Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas! And More News...

Not sure what to give someone for Christmas? Don't want to get caught up in the vicious, maniacal holiday shopping hoards? Too lazy to get off your computer? Well then, we here at Yet Another Movie Blog have a perfect solution for you!

Head on over to the YAMB Astore, always located in the sidebar, or click here! 
Look through and choose from a wide range of great films that are reviewed by us, or suggested by viewers, like you. 

You could look here, but you'll probably just get
dreadfully lost. 
Anyway, we would like to tell all of our viewers out there in cyberland that we are beginning to kick the tires on getting back at this movie blog, and we are attempting to conjure up relevant articles the people want to spend their time reading. If you have any ideas, please comment below!
We are still on our hiatus, and probably won't get any chances to write anything 'til after all of our college exams are finished (whoot!). After all those end, we should be good to go! 

Fair warning though, once January or February ends, the blog will once again be put into hibernation. As much as we love writing for you all, we also like to maintain great good adequate passing college grades. 

Thank you all so much for following along!

While you're waiting, check out these articles...
Wow, looking back at those links, it seems some of those are a little outdated...
Well... good thing new articles are (hopefully) on their way!

Again, thank you everyone for viewing!

The B*Team

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