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The Avengers Spoilers


The city did actually collapse from their combined awesomeness....
This article is purely spoilers. If you're looking for our review, look no further. If you're interested in the financial success of this movie, check it out here. We aren't going to talk about the great quality of the story, the depth of the characters, the awesomeness of the effects, or the fact that this movie just made box-office history. Oh wait... Anyways, here's a list of some major spoilers from the movie, so if you haven't seen it yet, beware. Then again if you read the title and heading thus far and haven't seen it yet, I'm sure you're going to keep reading...

If you have seen the movie, this is a great place to discuss the spoilers and what they entail. What we might see in future installments, who we'll see in them, who we won't see in them. Stuff like that. Feel free to comment after reading! The fact that we only get one or two comments a week notwithstanding, we love to hear your views and opinions!

We'll start with the biggest spoilers, and work our way from there. If you still want to read this, scroll down.

*SPOILERS* Last time I say it...

Made it? Cool.

Coulson Dies

The name's Coulson.  Agent... Coulson
Let's be honest: this was incredibly depressing. Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) pulls out a prototype weapon made after the destroyer attacked New Mexico (from Thor). This is right after Hulk goes nuts, almost kills Widow, and fights Thor. Loki is loose and has locked Thor in the Hulk's cage. Coulson shows up, threatening Loki with the weapon. Loki is of course actually behind him and stabs him through the back. Agent Phil Coulson ends up becoming the fuel that feeds the Avenger's fire, and drives them together. Coulson was a fan-favorite character, and will be sorely missed.

Loki's Army is From Thanos

Thanos-powers: strong jawline
At the begining of the movie, we hear a deep and mysterious voice talking to Loki about how the tesseract is active, and he will be given an army, the Chitauri, to go after it. It's revealed during the mid-credits scene that this voice belongs to the creature Thanos. He's of the Eternal race, although he also has the Deviant Gene in him.  These are both races from space, and are loosely based on Greek Mythology. Thanos is a bad, bad dude, who basically is either chilling out on Saturn's moon Titan, or fighting superheroes.  Look for him to be the main villain in The Avengers II. Thanos can absorb and project cosmic energy, time-travel, travel through alternate universes, teleport, is exceptionally strong and durable, is basically immortal, and doesn't need to eat, sleep, or drink anything to stay alive, amongst other things. Case-in-point, he'll prove much more of a challenge than Loki and the Chitauri.

Tony Stark's Mark VII

After Tony's arc reactor prevents Loki from taking over his mind, Loki decides to do things the messy way and throws Tony out of Stark Tower. Not the low part either...the high part. Tony has Jarvis deploy the new Mark VII armor, which flies out after him, attaches to him via some nifty bracelets Tony puts on, and then encloses him in the sexiest armor yet from the genius. The Ironman Mark VII features added thrusters on the back, a heavier payload than previous models, and reverts back to the circular chestpiece. All-in-all it's pretty cool.
Look at your man! Now back at me!  And then just look at me forever...

Stark Tower Will Become Avengers Tower.

The only structure that can withstand the awesomeness
In the comics, it's Stark Mansion. In the movie, it's Stark Tower. At the end of The Avengers we see Tony and Pepper (yes,she's in the movie) inside the slightly-demolished tower, working on a new design. The camera zooms out, and we clearly see that only the "A" of "STARK" remains attached, foreshadowing that it will become the new Avengers headquarters.

The "Secret Scene"

Kevin Fiege lied. He said they were just changing something small, and "audiences wouldn't even be able to tell the difference." Well suck it Kevin, because we all did. The button scene after the credits was only aired in US theaters (cuz this is 'merica), AFTER the secret scene was filmed. So far it's the only difference from the international version. There's no new characters involved (there goes my main reason for writing Marvel's Expanding Universe...), no new plot elements, in fact there isn't any dialogue at all. It's just all of the heroes at a roughed-up New York restaurant, still in costume, eating shawarma. After Tony almost falls to his death (this would be shortly after throwing a nuclear bomb through the portal at the Chitauri mothership), he says everyone should go eat shawarma. He doesn't even know what it is, but wants to try it really bad.

Want your favorite spoiler added? I'm aware there's more, but these are the biggest. Feel free to post in our comments section, and while you're at it, go post on any of our other articles too! We're as desperate not as desperate as we used to be, but always hoping for more traffic and input from you!

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  1. Classic Whedon. Killing off a beloved character... Although, Clark Gregg (actor) was in talks to reprising his role in future Marvel films. Hmmmm... Well, either he'll pop back up or... just no longer be involved. Most likely the latter.

  2. I wan to see Coulson come back as Vision. Screw the Victor Shade continuity.  Coulson would be better.

  3. We saw Coulson do his final exhale, and the assumption is that he's dead, but the paramedics had shown up just as that happened, and then the camera cuts away and Nick announces his demise. Then Nick deviously pulls on the team's heartstrings by getting the Capt. America cards out of Coulson's locker, and wipes some blood on them. I wouldn't put it past Nick to have actually lied about Coulson's demise just to give the team a martyr to rally around. I know it's unlikely, but hey, this is Hollywood, and they've done crazier things. I didn't watch Buffy that much, but didn't she die/sacrifice herself only to come back later? Just sayin'.

  4. 12% of me says maybe.  The thing is that Buffy died but I don't think it was the actual her that cam back.  It was a copy or something?  Joss doesn't really do that all the time.  Think Wash from firefly, or the love interest in Dr. Horrible.  He kills off favorites.  If they do bring him back, I think it won't be something like Fury lying.  I do think we'll see him again though, mostly because this is comic books we're talking about... people die and come back all the time.  What I'm getting at is that I think Coulson did really die, but he will most likely return.  It's possible he won't, but Fury said "I lost my one good eye." which made me think The Vision right away,

  5. Also Eddie gets commenter of the week for being the only person outside of the bloggers to post on one of my articles.  You can officially say "first"

  6. Whoops, I'm only a month late to the party. 

    Buffy does die, but she gets resurrected. It was actually her.

    ...that was all.


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