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The Avengers Review: Updated Box Office

Step aside, Christopher Nolan

Earth's Mightiest Heroes: And the theater collapsed under the weight of their awesomeness, but then they saved everyone, and were amazing whilst doing it
After getting home, taking off my Spidey costume, and relaxing, I sat down to write this, and after going through a few drafts, still am not quite sure how to put everything I just saw into words.  I've read so many of the reviews, and I agree with all the good stuff, and disagree with all the bad stuff.  Some people say it feels like a TV movie, but it doesn't at all.  People say that a certain character stands out above the rest, but no one does.  Everyone gets their time in the sun.  This review will be (mostly) spoiler-free, but if you want to save yourself a few minutes of reading, just don't even read this.  Instead go to a theater now, and watch The Avengers.

I really don't know where to start.  Everything was incredible.  I guess we'll start with the action and effects.  The visuals were incredible.  Mind-blowing in fact.  There were times when my jaw just dropped in amazement at what I was seeing.  In terms of the action, the fight scenes in this movie are greater than any action I've ever seen in any movie ever.  Absolutely incredible.  Want to see your favorite heroes duke it out with each other?  Team up against a massive assault?  You'll get it.  And then some.  There's a particular montage in the final act that goes from hero to hero as they assist each other, take out the baddies, and just do incredible things!  I was in so much awe and amazement, and at a certain point I just thought to myself "Christopher Nolan can't do this with Batman.  As good as it will be, it can't match this.  There's no way."  The reason I say that is merely that Joss Whedon had the heroes on such a high display of wonder and power that nothing in the Nolan-verse can match it; it just doesn't have the potential.  It's hard to put into words, but I guess I'll say this: Nolan will make a fantastic movie, but this is a much better superhero movie.  It's a showcase of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and it will be hard for anyone, even Nolan, to lay a finger to it.

That's just the action.  Every character had their moment to shine in that regard, but the interplay between characters, and the depth they all had, was equally impressive - if not more so.  You'll get friction between Stark and Cap, then you'll get a heartfelt moment between Stark and Banner.  Everyone shows all of their emotions.  Natasha Romanov goes from a sexy-spy to a real person with history and depth and feelings.  Although Hawkeye doesn't get developed as much, once he's in the limelight, he holds onto it and impresses beyond belief.  I loved each character just as much as the others.  This isn't just a movie about heroes fighting aliens.  It's also a movie about working together, overcoming huge obstacles within yourself, and being all you can be.  It's a movie about heart.

Now that we think about it, how could it NOT have been awesome?

It's also hilarious.  The humor in this movie is incredible.  It's not a comedy, but it's so clever and hilarious that it could be.  Except for everything already mentioned!  It's just. a good. movie.  I laughed my head off.  There will be a moment where it'll be serious, then all of a sudden it's hilarious.  It wasn't so much humor that it was overbearing, but it was enough to be memorable.

There's plenty of easter eggs.  There's tons of new things that I loved.  Stay during and after the credits.  Go to the bathroom beforehand so you don't miss anything.  Wear a t-shirt for your favorite hero!  If you haven't seen the lead-in films, go see them, and then go see this!  It's a perfectly orchestrated Marvel masterpiece.  Even if you're the most die-hard DC fan, you will still find this movie awe-inspiring.  It's the big things and the little things.  The giant set pieces and the little details.  The huge fights and the heart-felt dialogue.

They should just put him in the movie...
None of this would have been possible without Joss Whedon.  That man deserves all the props in the world.  He's the invisible character in the movie.  The wit, the snark, the character depth; all of it is his doing. The man loves comics, and this was a comic book through and through.  He'll throw a twist at you, and make you cheer, laugh, cry, and then he'll inspire you.  Joss Whedon is a master, and turned these already amazing characters into something truly remarkable.

If the movie has one drawback, it's the Chitauri.  They're the alien race introduced in the first few minutes of the film, and the aliens that eventually show up to take over the world.  Really they're just punching bags for our heroes to beat up on.  Loki is dynamic, menacing, and dangerous, but the Chitauri have basically no background, no development as characters or as a species.  Despite this, when they finally show up in the film, it's one of the most incredible third acts you've ever seen.  I forgot everything I may have disliked up to that point, and enjoyed the show.

I don't know what else to say except watch it.  Watch it and love it.  I'll be posting more articles for Marvel's Expanding Universe regarding the final two clips during and after the film, as well as exploring the characters and what's next for them.  Until then, do yourself a favor.  Go have a wonderful time at the theater, seeing The Avengers.

UPDATE: Over the next few weeks look to see The Avengers settle into the number 3 spot for highest grossing movies of all time.  It will pass The Dark Knight but shouldn't bother Titanic(no 2) or Avatar(no 1)

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman,


My rating? 9 out of 10 stars as a movie.  10 out of 10 as a superhero movie.

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