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Star Trek 2 Villain

Who Will Benedict Cumberbatch be Playing in Star Trek 2?

Warning: this article contains mild character spoilers.

Rumors have long been circulating over who the villain will be in J.J. Abrams sequel to 2009's Star Trek. We know that Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) was cast as the villain, after the role was turned down by Benicio Del Toro (Snatch). Recently, we got the scoop that the Batch would in fact be playing none other than old time Star Trek Baddie Khan Noonien Singh.

So much awesomeness
You may be asking yourself, "Who is that?"  Well here you go.  In the original series from 1967, Khan is introduced. He is a genetically engineered superhuman, with strength to match even Spock.  He was once a ruler of a quarter of our planet, but then was put down. The crew of the Enterprise revived him, and he attempted to take over the ship. Kirk managed to stop him, and brought him somewhere to start his own civilization. Since then, Khan has sought revenge on Kirk, and wants to make his life hell. Apparently he hates it when people do nice things for him.

In Star Trek, the whole universe gets a reality shift thanks to a bald Eric Bana. This way, Abrams is able to bring back all the characters we love, but has free will when it comes to changing their backstories.

He's also able to put a ton of lens flares in the movie...
It will be interesting to see how Benedict takes on the role of Khan. He's definitely more than competent when it comes to acting, and has the perfect voice for a bad guy. Not much else is known about villains in the film except that we'll probably see the stable baddies of Star Trek, the Klingons. Star Trek 2 is set to release May 17, 2013.

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