Friday, July 30, 2010

First Up: Rumors and Rumblings!

More specifically, rumors on what is probably the most highly anticipated superhero film of all time, the yet-to-be-named-but-I'll-call-it-what-everyone-else-is-calling-it, Batman 3.
Bats 3 is finally officially underway, now that director Chris Nolan is done with what was priorly thought to be small, tiny, side-project, what was it? Oh yeah. Inception. Small, side-project indeed. 200 million dollars and a multitude of confuddled audience members later, Inception is finally out of the way (that sounded patronizing...). Now, Nolan will be able to solely focused on his next baby: Batman 3. Let's get a rumor rundown. The crazed Batman 3 rumor wheel started spinning shortly after The Dark Knight was released. Michael Caine spilled the beans that The Riddler and The Penguin would be the villains, played by Johnny Depp and Philip Seymour Hoffman respectively. How did he know this when not even Chris Nolan was signed on to direct yet? In short, it's Michael Caine. Nobody knows where he gets his info, and we probably don't want to know. Eddie Murphy was also rumored to play the Riddler. He would deny that, and humorously suggest on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien that he should play Egghead. It would be "Egg-cellent!" Depp would also later deny the rumors. Cillian Murphy was also rumored to return as the Scarecrow.

Wait... what was i talking about...
So what other villains could be in the next Batman installment? Well, Bats needs a love interest, right? Cue Catwoman rumors! Rumors flew thick and fast that, first, Angelina Jolie would play sultry vixen, Selina Kyle. When that turned out to be false, another rumor popped up. Cher. /shudders. Let's not dwell on that one . . . . Rachel Weisz, Kate Beckinsale, and Megan Fox all saw their names thrown into the rumor mill as apparent Catwoman wannabes.
Another awful thought is that Robin would be portrayed by Shia LeBeouf, and Miley Cyrus (!!!) would be cast as Batgirl. Who let Joel Schumacher out of his basement?? (or is it closet...)

In February of 2010, the Nolan Gods Brothers teamed up to finally throw the outlines of a script together, and fanboys wept with joy. It was official. Batman 3 would be a reality. Bats 3 is tentatively set to release July 20, 2012, but villains were still needed. Robin Williams, who teamed up with Nolan in Insomnia, expressed interest in the role of the Riddler (he was considered by Schumacher for Batman Should Never Have Existed Forever). The latest Batman 3 news has Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Riddler. Apparently leaked information of the cast list had "The Riddler" and JGL next to it as "interested." Hm . . . 
Well . . . when Heath Ledger was said to play the Joker, that announcement was made at the 2006 Comic-Con. Comic-Con 2010 is happening right now. I'm waiting anxiously for a Batman 3 panel to show up. Man, I wish I was at Comic-Con right now!

Other news has Bats 3 shot exclusively in IMAX and 3D (sigh and /facepalm). Nolan toyed with 3D on Inception, and found it remarkably easy to use. Sigh and /facepalm again. It was reported that Nolan strongly dislikes the use of 3D, but he may feel forced to utilize it with 3 Dimensions being all the rage, right now. However, nothing is confirmed by Warner Bros. or the Nolan Brothers. What we do know is that Nolan will be at the helm of Bats 3, with Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Cane, and Morgan Freeman reprising their respected roles.

Updates will follow as this mystery unfolds...


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