Sunday, July 25, 2010

Character Intro: Libby

Greetings blago-blog

Libby here, An Additional member of the blogging team

For starters, a few things you should know about me:
1. I like parenthetical phrases
2. I play the banjo (poorly)
3. I’m a girl
4. I stay away from chick flicks
5. I have a minor obsession with Nathan Fillion / Joss Whedon

My hobbies include:
-Doing half of a crossword puzzle
-Throwing pens across a room in frustration
-Telling stories about my job (I work at a hardware store. I’m sure it’ll come up)
-Spending an hour in Blockbuster, asking B-Buster employees what their favorite movie is, renting that one X-Men movie that I swore I’d seen before but it turns out I didn't and how could I have not seen it before because I friggen love the X-Men…
-Not watching Leprechaun in the Hood again. Two words: Big mistake.

But seriously.

I love movies. I probably watch too many, but I don’t see that changing any time soon. So, in the meantime, here I am sharing with you the charms (Billy Elliot) and harms (Leprechaun in the hood) of the movie world.

Have your pets spayed or neutered,

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