Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Upcoming Movie: Your Highness

Watching this movie will make you almost as cool as these guys.
As a self-professed Zooey Deschanel stalker, all of her upcoming movies are sources of great excitement for me, but Your Highness should be a genuinely entertaining movie. Everything about this movie promises laughs aplenty, from the irreverent premise to the actors to the writer. The writer I’m referring to is Danny McBride, who also wrote the ludicrously silly Hot Rod, a favorite here at YAMB which stars Andy Samberg in a ridiculous coming-of-age role. Danny McBride also stars in Your Highness, as a slacker younger prince who must man up to save the kingdom from darkness and evil.

Watching this movie will be almost as much fun as riding
around on a horse with Zooey Deschanel.
The movie already sounds ridiculously funny, a sort of fantasy parody written by Danny McBride, involving evil wizards, adventure and glory aplenty, and a beautiful princess (Zooey, of course). Danny’s character has gotten sick of his adventure-hogging older brother, played by James Franco (think Spider-Man, and then groan internally, but he’ll probably actually be good in this), and has squandered his youth away with easy living. But of course, he can’t be a slacker the whole movie, and when Zooey gets kidnapped, he has to man up, at which point I’m assuming the movie degenerates into ludicrous badassery, and presumably ends with a joyous wedding, although exactly who Zooey ends up with is arguable.

Besides the plot, which is promising, and the writer, which suggests many laughs to come, I would probably go see this movie just for the actors. I mean, let’s be totally honest, I’d probably see this movie just for Zooey, but that’s beside the point. Danny McBride is usually amusing, and imagining him playing a slacker prince in a fantasy world already has me giggling a little, so it should be fantastic. James Franco, although I’m not a giant fan, is generally a good actor, and I’ll just go ahead and say it . . . he’s pretty attractive. But for the icing on the already delicious cake, Natalie Portman will also be appearing as some kind of mysterious bandit slash bounty hunter slash more awesome version of Robin Hood. Prepare to squeal with delight.

*Squeals with delight*
Everything about this movie makes me want to see it. The fairly new director, David Gordon Green, directed Pineapple Express and All the Real Girls, a well-received indie film starring, you guessed it, Zooey Deschanel. Add that to the promise of amusement from Danny McBride and the awesome cast, and I’m totally going to be seeing this movie on opening night (which is April 8, 2011, for you poor saps who don’t already have it circled in red on your calendar).

Death and Glory,


  1. I find this obsessive and perverse because its about an attractive girl. This definately shouldn't be on the blog.

    (and by that I mean this is SOOOOOO AWESOME!)
    -Nate S

  2. p.s. I love the look on Zooey's face. She's totally just thinking "......wait. what am I doing here?" huh....?"
    -nate s

  3. Oh this is BEYOND obsessive. It's about TWO attractive girls.


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