Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Open Thread (feat. Disqus)

Oh, and go see this movie.
Whew, another week. Another Open Thread
I’m sure all of you were riveted last night, enduring the suspense, as the 2010 MLB Draft Signing Deadline unfolded, and you anxiously and nervously waited for the dust to clear so you could check if your team signed its top draft choice. Okay... no one? Only me? Rats. 
Anyway, like I said before, use this Open Thread to share with YAMB your ideas on what we should review, what you would like to see on this blog, etc. 
Introduce yourself to let us get to know you better! We are really interested in what our viewers are like. Pretty much the same stuff I said on the last Open Thread, but alas, all those comments were destroyed once we switched our commenting software to Disqus. Whoops. Oh well, we start over.
So... comment away! (Be sure to head the Rules and Regulations of commenting. Thank you.)


  1. So...the data shows declining website views. I think we can first of all promote this better. Many of my friends don't know about the blog/aren't fans on facebook. Promote it to your family as well. This should expand our out of state viewers. We should also get people who are going to non-calvin colleges to promote it like crazy on their campuses. I've talked to many people who love our blog. We have a good product here. Let's sell it.

  2. Agree totally.
    I will promote it when I get to college, and yes I agree, we need more "bloggy" articles to generate hits for this site.
    I've been behind the eight ball here, and will probably have some time to write some stuff now.
    We gotta get that 500,0000 monthly!

  3. heres just an idea. but say like if you ever comment on a video on youtube or comment on stuff on movie websites or if you make a review for another site (gasp!) that after your comment or review, you paste a link in and say to check this place out. Maybe people will visit and continue to come back. or they won't. But i don't think it can hurt.

  4. Mark I like your idea but my only fear is uber trolldom invading faster than a 20 year old geek living in his mothers basement playing WOW would flock to non relative female contact. For real, have you ever read a youtube comments page? More viewers are nice but if they are anyhing like those ...... no bueno senor.

  5. maybe im just slow today, but i didn't understand any of that

  6. He's saying he doesn't want dickholes (like 97% of YouTube commenters) to come comment on our blog. TROLLING LOL.

    Nope... not lol. Tears of sadness.

  7. ahhh i get it it.....then comment it on like fancier sites...imdb or something

  8. Yeah, Peter and I have been doing some ScreenRant commenting, and I'll probably start on The A.V. Club soon. IMDb isn't a bad idea, though.

  9. hope you guys don't mind, but i posted a link to here in a few IMDb message boards.....i made to sure emphasize about respectful commenting


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