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Marvel's Expanding Universe, Pt. III

Just two guys. Or gods. Whatever.
What do I want to see more than a Stanley Kirk Burrell cameo in Thor 2? Nothing. However with a director like Alan Taylor and the current script being reviewed and edited by Robert Rodat, I don't think I'll be getting my wish... If these names aren't familiar to you, then listen up. Alan Taylor is known more in the television industry than the movie industry, due to his direction of things like Sex and the City, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, an episode of Law and Order, and even an episode of Lost. Oh and don't let me forget this one: Game of Thrones. Yes, the director of the popular TV series Games of Thrones is directing Thor 2. How do I feel about that? Pretty durn great.

God of Mischief. And Ridiculous, Insect-Like Headgear.
On to the other guy. Robert Rodat is probably not a name that's familiar to you, but it should be. He's an Oscar nominated writer for his work in Saving Private Ryan. What's that you say RottenTomatoes? 93%? Sounds good to me. I think we'll be seeing a very serious Thor 2, with some intense character moments and action. We've already seen in this new clip from The Avengers that Thor and Loki are good at creating moments where you feel chilly inside and as though the air around you is literally tightening up. Alan and Robert can bring us plenty of moments like that. Needless to say these men can write a good story. So what story will they be writing?

Because... because you're welcome.
The Avengers is going to test our bulky, blonde hero. While most of the team is trying to avoid a war, and will stop Thor's treacherous brother, Loki, by any means, Thor is trying to keep his family from falling apart. He doesn't believe that his brother is pure evil. He's just misunderstood! Like how Hitler should have been given a second chance, because all he really wanted was some attention from daddy, so he tried taking over the human race. I might not be historically accurate but whatever. Also, Hitler joke… (we’re going to get so much crap for that…) Insert snarky comment about non-successful artists and mental problems.

I hope that in The Avengers we see Loki finally realize the pain he's caused. I don't know if I could see Loki vs. Thor round 3. What I would LOVE to see is Loki AND Thor vs. some cosmic bad guy. Who might that be? Well, currently a Marvel cosmic baddie has a confirmed cameo in The Avengers.

(extreme spoiler alert)

This character also made a (partial) appearance in the first Thor movie, you just have to look carefully, and have the eyes of a Hawk (bu-dum chhh...). No, Hawkeye is not the villain I'm talking about. If Loki can get himself together, we could see an awesome bro-team of Asgardians. I love the misunderstood villain story-arc in comic books more than most things. I feel it's what made Spiderman 2 the best in the trilogy. I also feel it's why Thor was so successful critically. Tom Hiddleston has shown us that Loki has a good side, and he's not just doing all this stuff to be a bad guy. Let's hope for a change of heart in The Avengers (after he gets trashed by everyone of course).

As for returning characters, we can expect to see Heimdall, the awesome Gatekeeper in Gold, played by Edris Elba. Also returning would be Jamie Alexander's Syf, along with the rest of Thor's gang of Asgardian friends and family. Returning humans: Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, and we don't yet know if anyone else is returning. I would think we'll see the rest of Jane's crew from Thor, and possibly some S.H.I.E.L.D. people will show up. They do that.

Marvel does seem to go through directors fast. Kenneth Branagh directed the first, and then Patty Jenkins, director of a movie you probably haven't seen called Monster (pretty good movieactually), was attached to do the second installment. She left (or…… was fired) due to "creative differences with Marvel studios." We've heard this before, as John Favreau seemed to have similar issues while filming Ironman 2. Oh well, at least they make consistently good movies. Honestly, I feel like the current people helming Thor 2 are much better suited for the task than she was, and we'll be happy with what we're brought.

Thor Big. Oh yeah.
Never a huge Thor fan myself, I feel Marvel has done a good job of bringing him to the big screen. Chris Hemsworth was born to play this role. Debate is still going on whether the whole Thor story is actually true and Chris is the God of Thunder himself. I say yes. Have you seen how big he is? Anyways, Thor 2 is scheduled to hit theaters November 15, 2013.

Stay tuned for part 4, where we take a closer look at the Star-Spangled Man, and the possibility of a SHIELD movie.

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