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Updates from Zack-April 26

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This week featured a lot of comic-book movie news.  The Avengers is hitting international theaters tonight, The Amazing Spiderman is releasing their final trailer, and The Dark Knight Rises is apparently starting their uber-promoting earlier than expected.  I'll take you guys through the best parts of recent news, and give you my thoughts and feelings.  Afterwards let's hear your opinions!  Just shoot us a comment or a reaction, or help us out by posting on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter!
The Avengers

        We can probably say that no movie ever had a lead-up this big or exciting.  Ironman set the stage, and 5 films later we're ready for the greatest undertaking in superhero movie history.  Marvel Studios has been cranking out promotional material for months, and recently they released what may be the last bit of "LOOK AN AVENGERS MOVIE" stuff until May 4.  They've done an excellent job with their TV spots that focus on the individual characters, and it's only fitting that the final spotlight be on Ironman.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

More like every spotlight...

        Being the only one of the recruited heroes without special powers, Tony makes good use of his awe-inspiring weaponry so he can stand on even ground with big shots like Thor and Captain America.  As soon as the suit goes on, it's game time.  We'll get to see his new suit in action, and it looks like it will be exquisite.  The Avengers comes out in international theaters tonight, and American theaters on May 4.

The Amazing Spiderman

        Today's news is pretty brief regarding Sidey's reboot.  In the last update you probably didn't read, we heard that The Dark Knight Rises was going to release their last trailer at the begining of The Avengers.  It appears May 4 is becoming National Superhero Day, because the people at Sony and Marvel have decided to release the final trailer for The Amazing Spiderman at the head of The Avengers as well.  Get ready for some new footage, updated CGI, and more awesome Webhead.

He can't, Spidey, because there was wasn't enough room for him...
        To read more about The Amazing Spiderman and what to expect on July 3, you can read The Amazing Spiderman: Summer's Underdog.

The Dark Knight Rises

        It looked like Nolan and co. were going to wait until The Avengers hype died down, but instead they've decided to roll out the promo early.  At cinemacon the other day, DC released new footage from their bad boy this Summer, which had some revealing information.  I want to keep this site as spoiler-free as possible, so we'll gloss over the itty-bitty things.  We've got a few good looks at Batman and Bane already, but Warner Bros just released this new promotional art featuring the two, as well as the Dark Knight's new ride.

        From information gleaned at cinemacon, we've learned a few new things about The Dark Knight Rises.  Again, I won't go into any great detail.  We've learned the name of the above-pictured new bat-transportation.  We've learned a little more about Bruce's relationships with Selina Kyle and Miranda Tate.  We've seen more of Bane in action, and discovered more about his character.  Christopher Nolan's use of IMAX technology is mind-blowingly awesome.  We get a sense for Batman's emotions and mental state during Bane's attack on Gotham.  If you want somewhat more in-depth news go here.

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