Friday, April 27, 2012

Avengers Preview, Mk. III

Like the Mk. II, just with lots of explosions and cool colors.  Still better than any of Michael Bay's stuff.
Last night, The Avengers hit the big screen in international audiences.  So far it's done nothing short of what was expected.  It broke records all over the globe, and has earned an incredible rating on rottentomatoes.  One week from now Earth's Mightiest Heroes will come to American theaters, and I will also have just finished watching them be awesome.  Joss Whedon and the folks down at Marvel Studios have done some incredible work building hype for their baby.  Everything about this movie has been BIG.  The first time we saw actual footage in teaser-form was during Superbowl XLVI.  Both trailers since then have been epic, epic, and more epic.  There have been so many TV spots, I still am not sure if I have seen all of them.  And that's just the promotional stuff!  Don't forget about their enormous budget, their all-star cast, the 5 blockbusters leading up to this movie, and of course the legendary heroes themselves as seen in thousands of comics.  With a skilled story-teller at the helm, and 5 excellent prequels, was it ever really possible this movie couldn't be something....Epic?  Invincible?  Incredible?  Amazing?  Fantastic?  Thunderous?  Heartfelt?  We'll soon see.
Until then, for your viewing pleasure, I have gathered every clip and promotional video I could find from Marvel on youtube, and compiled them into a neat list.  If you're one of those people who wants to see as little as possible about a movie before you see it, might want to stay away, or just stick to the trailers.  If you want to see some heroes in action, or see Joss Whedon in his staple role as "The Invisible Joss", who manages to be heard through every line of dialogue, every plot twist, and every character moment, then you should watch some of the clips.  If you need to know everything about this movie before you see it, you can check out the screenrant Avengers' Spoilers page at their website (no link because if I did, I'd lose half of you before you got a chance to go through all of this material!).  Otherwise you can check out some behind-the-scenes/making of footage below.  If you want to know more about The Avengers from this site, you can look up our previous Avengers articles below.  Again, there are always going to be some minor spoilers, but I will never give anything big away.


Marvel's Expanding Universe

Part V to be released with The Avengers Preview Mk. IV

Now for the stuff!

Trailers/TV Spots

(these are in no specific order in terms of when they were released)

Super Bowl (Extended)


Trailer I
Trailer 2

TV Spots:

Roll Call
Ironman (extended)
Something More


Black Widow
Captain America and Thor battle
Loki Imprisoned


Wild Rise
Fan Screening Recap
Clark Gregg

I'm aware that there are foreign trailers with other footage, and some kind of bootleg Bruce Banner clip out there.  I wanted these to all be directly from Marvel on Youtube, or released in the United States.  If I missed anything, or you want me to add something, feel free to post in our comments section!

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