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Updates from Zack - 24 April 2012 (Iron Man 3 and The Dark Knight Rises)

Zack has been an awesome addition as a Guest Writer! So much so, we've made him a member of the prestigious B*Team! Stay tuned for a short intro to Zack...
This is going to be the staple image for my updates.  Just imagine it's me in that suit, looking super serious.
        In an attempt to generate more traffic bring you more comic book news, as well as get an idea into your heads just what we at YAMB at working on in the future, I decided to write this nice article for views you.  Since I'm still technically a guest writer, you're welcome.  In a different reality (obviously not this one) I'm really just writing more so that I can figure out how to use the writing tools for the site.  However like I said....different reality...

        You may be thinking "wow, there has been a copious amount of comic-book movie news coming out recently on this site.  Don't they ever talk about other movies?"  Well, yeah...it's just that with exams and all coming up, our head writer is making sure to get his priorities in order.  A few of our other writers are planning on showing up once the Summer gets underway, so you can expect more news from them then.  In the meantime, you'll get a lot of me and my comic-book news.  Because that's what I do.
Amongst, you know, other things.....
        This summer we hope to bring you the latest movie news every day.  You'll get to read more than one new article per day, and the topics we cover will be many and varied.  We'll put up reviews, previews, clips, pictures, news, actor profiles, and other random news just for kicks and giggles.  We'd like to expand a bit, so you can look us up on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and hopefully something I'm really looking forward to, Youtube.  We'll be posting new movie clips, previews, and anything else we can get our hands on.  On top of that, you can probably expect to see members of the B-Team on video as we attempt to be funny wrap up the more important bits of news from the week, and try to get more people interested in our stuff!  Get pumped if you've been following us for a while, lately, or if you're reading anything here for the first time.  A great way to help us out is to tell your friends!  And make sure you check back in this Summer!  I promise we'll do everything in our power to not disappoint!

        Currently I've been playing catch-up while writing movie news.  My Marvel's Expanding Universe Series has been my attempt to wrap up all the recent news about Marvel films following The Avengers.  The articles are getting lengthy, and that's because I've had to get a ton of news fitted into one article, which is going to be only one part of a 7 or 8 part series.  The upcoming Amazing Spiderman preview article is ridiculously long, because I'm trying to fit in as much information for you guys as possible, while still trying to keep your attention.  It's not easy, what I do.

Write about superheroes they said....it will be fun, they said....
        Needless to say, it's been tricky, but hopefully my articles are worth your time.  You'll get to know who I am tomorrow when my introduction comes out, and I'll become a fully-fledged B-team member.  Whilst my current series continues, and the movie preview articles come out for this Summer's comic-book movies, you can start to expect shorter updates.  You're about to read a few, but just so that we're clear, once I'm done writing The Dark Knight Rises movie preview, the news is going to come at a more rapid pace.  When I hear a story break, or pictures come up, or there's a new trailer, I'll have it up asap.  It won't be contained in a giant article along with fifty other bits of news.  Having said that, on to the updates:

Ironman 3
When Peter makes a joke about things collapsing from pure awesomeness in Avengers photos, it's not because of the group assembled.  It's just because of Robert Downey Jr.
        Since the rumors of a loosely-based Extremis story-arc for Ironman III and the appearance of the Mandarin started surfacing, the news regarding casting and filming location only seemed to confirm what everyone thought.  In the past couple weeks news broke that Ironman III would be filming in China.  So far the only filming location up to then was North Carolina.  The Mandarin is a character who is half Chinese, so filming in China kind of says a lot about who British actor Ben Kingsley might be playing.  There is a subsequent Ironman plot that involves the Mandarin releasing Extremis on the general population, making  this movie a great place for his debut.  Production staff has denied that he will be playing the Mandarin, or the main villain at all, but we know how that works out.  Studios tend to lie about stuff like that.  You can read about the Mandarin more in Marvel's Expanding Universe Part II.

        If you read the fairly accurate Wikipedia article above, you'll have heard a couple names thrown around.  These are Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen.  These are the two geneticists who developed the Extremis Serum.  We have casting news for each.  At this point only one is confirmed.

        In the comics, Aldrich Killian doesn't last long.  We see him in about 5 frames before he blows his head off.  It looks like Shane Black and the rest of the Ironman III production staff want to keep the character in for a little bit longer, with their casting of a Hollywood big shot.

Guy Pearce to play Aldrich Killian
        Guy is (in the blogger's opinion) a talented actor who can bring a lot to the table.  He's done drama and action, and has played very differing roles in films.  I wouldn't expect to see talent like this killed off too quickly.

        The other casting news is not official yet, but Marvel has been in talks with actress Jessica Chastain about playing a "sexy" and "smart" scientist in the upcoming three-quel.  It's probably a safe bet to say she'll be playing the once-love interest of Tony Stark, who is also responsible for the creation of Extremis.  Expect to hear a confirmation within the next week or two, as principal photography for Ironman III is about to get underway in China.

Let's face it, the only words you heard were "sexy" and "photography"
The Dark Knight Rises

In Nolan-verse, everything is blue
        This is my first time writing anything in detail about the DC Universe, and since my preview for TDKR will be coming once The Avengers hype dies down a little bit, I wouldn't expect to hear too much more for another couple weeks.  Also the news is brief.

        With the crazy amount of attention Marvel Studios has been getting, Christopher Nolan and TDKR staff have had to wait by the sidelines for all this to breeze over.  How soon are they waiting to start releasing new promotional material for their epic conclusion to the Batman trilogy?  Actually they're planning on hyping up The Avengers' crowd even more!  Warner Bros just released news that the next trailer for TDKR will be attached to The Avengers, so make sure you show up early so as not to miss the previews!  Also with any Marvel movie nowadays make sure you stay through and after the credits, so you don't miss anything important.

        Here's the last TDKR trailer so you can see Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Gordon, Bane, and I think Batman might even be in there at some point too.  Also, Hines Ward.

        That's it for updates so far.  Stay tuned for more superhero news this week!  Also on Wednesday you get to officially meet me, and my debut article will come out.  The Amazing Spiderman: Summer's Underdog!

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